The Reality of the Higher Realms

Dr. Raymond Moody released his book on the study on life after life, Near Death experiences in nineteen seventy five. The information from his study claims and shows a world wind of experiences, based on his book. The phenomenon is worldly recognized from all corners of the globe.

It’s not highly impossible to identify how many of us have has this experience, as the phenomenon was only recognized after his book, “life after life” it would be hard not impossible to ascertain the experiences that pre dates the book.

The Scientific evidences that supports this phenomenon is what people hold on to believe in the true fact to these stories.

Today I want to share with you my knowing fact, outside the scientific evidences, and outside the think process of human thoughts. It’s my journey of sharing the knowing of that true connection through that excursion into true life from my experience here on the earth plain.

I would like you to view it from this point of view. Earth equals the body, which are your experiences on the earth plain. Consciousness equals the true essence of life, which is life on the other side of earth experiences.

Consciousness comes in two parts, the conscious and the sub consciousness both are inter linked, to enable the body to function on the earth, as the earth is the body, to identify the true essence of whom you are, that consciousness of self without the flesh gave you that divine tool to enable you to recognize self in the flesh form.

This means consciousness lives without the aid of the flesh. The flesh cannot live without the conscious aid.

The body or the flesh is one in the same, and completely different from the spirit. The flesh is only a protector for the spirit. The spirit is a supernatural being, and can survive without the flesh, when you seek a partner or associate with a person, it seems to be the norm to look at their appearance, what they wear, what colour are the eyes, why, she is nice or he looks good. What you are doing, is looking at the protector to the spirit, you are not looking at the self or the spirit of the individual.

 Its like saying, I like that car, it’s a beauty, but the beauty of the car is not the car, the car is the engine, so how ever much you change the colour of the car the lights and more, and keep the same engine, you always have the same car.

The shield or the protector of the spirit is of no importance, when my spirit left my being, it was quickly realized that being within the spaces that I went, carried no division, no judgement, and no fears, it could not be identified, if I was from a particular culture, nation or creed. What was noted was that your experiences on earth determined your outcome on the other side.

On the other side there is no title to your being, there is no crown, there is no position of wealth, or material possessions, all you have is self, uniting with other selves striped from the protective shield or body of earth.

Whoever you are on the earth, The Queen of England, The Pope in the Vatican, or the suffering people of the world, when its time for their journey, they will all face that trip, striped of all that fame, riches, claims, privileges, authority, poverty, and superiority. We are not humans on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. Your journey on the other side will be outside the human form of flesh, striped back to that spiritual being that you were and always will be.

We are not robots, we are pure consciousness. When you hear that someone is dead, this is not true, what dies is the flesh. Consciousness remains alive,

While I was outside the flesh Embedded in pure undiluted consciousness, I was able to see earth beings having their experiences.

I had no barriers to what consciousness could do, I went through walls, people, objects, and I was indeed a free spirit, and all this without the flesh, which in my mind is like a pull over.

Throughout this time I felt absolute peace and serenity, I could define every detail within my view that was never ending. My faculties were more involved on the conscious realm without the flesh, than they were on the earth realm with the flesh.

I understood people who were not speaking in my learnt mother tongue; I could identify each and every word spoken from the earth realm, while in the realm of consciousness.

No airline could fly faster than I, and no ship could float as accurate as I, even though I floated without water.

I remembered all that I captured within from the serenity of wherever my consciousness was at the time that I captured the beauty, and I loved every mini micro second of it.

I heard conversations, I saw other conscious souls, I saw the light the tunnel all. I have now returned back to earth’s life experience, with my pullover revealing to you.

Some may say this phenomenon is quite rare, other may say, it’s not normal or that cannot happen, how that can be possible, but, I will say to you all, what is normal to earth beings? Just think about it for a moment.

Normal is within culture, that which is expected of you. Normal is what you were master mind into? Normal is what you think is right without knowing, Mans laws are normal. Normal is a straight line, in accordance to, of, with scientific laws, normal is because he, she, they them, you. Say it normal.

The dictionary says: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not serving to establish a standard.

Conforming to, free from, mental illness sane Psychology. Approximately average in any psychological trait, intelligence, personality, or emotional adjustment. Free from any mental disorder; sane.

Did you know all that normal mum bow jumbo is outside the realm of reality of truth, that which is truth, is buried within the inner spirit of truth, self?

Who told them, that you have to fit within the remit of what is referred to as the norm? What makes them feel that what they refer to as norm, or normal, really is perfectly normal? How do they define norm or normal within a universe that is

Natural to us all? And where did they get the notion to fit into the norm or being normal, means acting and thinking within the norm described by psychologists?

Is that why, it’s difficult for scientist to believe, that the true journey of life begins on the other side of earth’s experiences. Well that which is natural is true; I am a true natural spiritual being,

I need not wait to fit within the norm or normal psychological realm of my experience on the earth plain, before returning home without the body of earth, for I fit and sit within the natural realm of what is expected of any natural spiritual being, I fit within the constitution of nature, I am not artificial, or foreign, I represent nature or life,. I am a natural individual whom have no attachment to labels, I am of natural heat, I have a natural colour, and I fit within the capacity of which I am, natural, self.

The scenery on the other side of life was beautiful for me, it had know fears, it was peaceful, it was light, I felt the oneness of connection from my different points, I was alive, alive without the flesh, it did not feel like an experience, then, and it certainly don’t feel like an experience now, That was the ultimate of real life, that was life.

It felt like know time, just existence, just being, there is absolutely nothing on the earth that can compare to the essence of divine love and presence that I felt. It was magical. If ever the word love means anything, it’s feeling that sentiment of pure undiluted love on the true journey of real life on the other side of life.

I felt like I was in complete compassion with instant understanding, it also felt like my senses was more alert, and more distinct, my energy was vibrant alive and uplifting, I felt like a feather, light as love, and rich with assurance, homely and ready to embrace home. I was truly ecstatic with the happening. It felt like the entire journey was everlasting; I never wanted it to end.

There are no words to describe my real feelings to this journey, I knew everything, I felt the calmness, I felt freedom, because I was free. I felt safe, and my awareness was astronomical. I was contented, and felt refreshed, and I will always hold onto my memories, its one to cherish until I return home.

I feel we are drowning within the operating system of culture. If we strip or wipe out this system and become naked to what is real. We can then apply a new operating system, which will allow you to be in touch with the real being, you self.

Step back and understand my meaning for I embraced the essence of my journey, yet I am still on the experience on earth.

There is never a day that goes by that my love for the universe shows strength, it grows stronger and stronger all the time.

Our times on the earth plane is limited, show love, show kindness, embrace your neighbour, feed the poor and needy, show love and cares for your fellowman; cast aside the greed for money, and the love of greed, and show love from your undiluted self. Love self.

Do not look in the mirror and see your reflection, and think I don’t like what I see, for what you see is the covering or the protector of the real you self, what lies within what you see is the true divine you, the you that will leave the image you don’t like, the you that is pure, in divine consciousness, the you that can over look that earthly image, that toe, that nose, that lip, that tummy, the true divine self is within that image that you fail to connect with, that spiritual self, of grace and beauty. Self is eternal, self is you.

Life on the other side of life is measured from your experiences on the earth plane, only you self, can determine what steps you can make to change that beauty divine spirit that lies dormant waiting to be erected by you Self.

Create stillness to the mind of action, leave ego behind, act in accordance to the laws of nature. Release Emotional Toxins from your being, experience gratitude, embrace wisdom, within each and every one of us there is a super intelligence within and that intelligence is what is called divine consciousness, that divine consciousness is the reflection of that which steers back at you, the universe.

The divine mirror of you self.



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  • Osman

    Thank you for such wonderful articles, you have been blessed tremendously and may God continue to shower you with his mercy and guidance. I believe as a reader would like to be more connected with the god and if you shared some more articles on that, it would be a great benefit to all people visiting here such as myself.

    Thanks once again for the wonderful information.

  • Betty

    You are a Wonderful Woman ~ I am intrigued with you and your sleep writings and your book was fantastic and I recommend people to read it, it caries some facts that makes one think outside the perimeter of a circle, you are truly a phenomenon and people better watch out what can be benefited from what you have to say, thank you so much Queen Tiye you are a Queen really.

  • I Love You Queen Tiye

    Your work brings tears to my eyes as you wake me up making me become aware, I thank you so much for all your words and wisdom, may you continue to collect blessing, to enable you to to continue feeding us with the wisdom of food we consume yet more to come Queen Tiye I love you.

  • Pet

    You are female miracle, if love is not a strong word to tell you, I love you and thank you a million for you and all your content x

  • Nania

    I love your site, your book is brilliant, when is part 2 out. You are an amazing woman thank you.,

  • Pat Dunn

    All Blessings to you for your sharing, and the Enlightenment to Earth. You are blessed among women, as it is WE who have come this time to carry Earth to the next dimension, by stamping out the distortions man has placed on the Truth. Goodness and Mercy shall follow you all the days of your life as my Divine Consciousness joins Yours in the purity of ONENESS. Adoni Adawa

  • Andrea

    This is amazing and I can’t wait to take and learn the steps that you can make to change that beauty divine spirit within me….

  • Gerrior

    I am so pleased i discovered your blog. You are a huge inspiration!

  • Mether

    This really answered my downside, thanks!

  • Kampa

    I’d should examine with you here. Which is not something I often do! I enjoy studying a post that can make people think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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